Pusat Studi BUMN dan Sistem Keuangan (PSBK) 

The Study Center of State Enterprise and Financial System

The Study Center of State-Owned Enterprises and Financial Systems (PSBK) is a study centre under the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, State University of Surabaya. The State Owned Enterprise and Financial System Study Center (PSBK) was formed based on the Decree of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics Number 005987/UN38.7/HK/KP/2017. The existence of this study centre is expected to contribute to optimize the role of SOEs and their supervision which must be carried out professionally. The role of SOEs in the national economy to realize the community's welfare is considered not optimal by many groups, so it is necessary to conduct studies that can provide practical solutions for the progress of SOEs.

The financial sector is an essential part of an economy, so that the level of stability must always be maintained. The PSBK Study Center also focuses on anticipating the financial crisis and various other crises. The macro-prudential and micro-corporate aspects are expected to synergize better in programs designed by the study centre.

The PSBK study centre has carried out various studies on the quality of East Java Province Regional State-Owned Enterprise (BUMD) governance, the design of the BUMD performance monitoring application, the preparation of the Regional Regulations for BUMD, the preparation of a crisis prediction model for conventional and sharia banks in Indonesia. PSBK continues to strive to make a real contribution to increasing the role of BUMN or BUMD for the economy as a whole and participating in maintaining the stability of the financial system in Indonesia through studies, studies, and assistance is ready to cooperate with interested parties.